Spring Drawing Symposium Dordogne 2014

Drawing Life – Living the Line

2014 – 3 day drawing symposium run by Gander and Brew at Chateau Lamostonie, Dordogne.

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April 16-18th 2014

Instructors: Angie Brew, Viyki Turnbull, and Natasha Freedman

Following from the workshops Gander and Brew ran at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC in October 2013, we explored, in more depth, the fine-tuning of perception and visual thought through movement and observational drawing. We considered perception in action, uses of drawing, of the body and tools, connecting views from drawing practice and the science of drawing and cognition, and continued conversations began at the annual Thinking through Drawing symposiums. (see International Drawing and Cognition Research)

On the second day we explored the birth, origins and uses of line drawing, in a workshop in the local Pech Merle caves, surrounded by the drawings made by Cro-Magnon people, c.25,000 thousand years ago. Lascaux is also nearby, but at Pech Merle one can enter the original caves rather than the replicas at Lascaux.


When not drawing, we swam in the pool, played floodlit tennis, played music (there are 2 grand pianos), danced, walked in the beautiful grounds and vast surrounding countryside, and visited the nearby monkey sanctuary.

old_hall with piano

E-mail brewdrawing@gmail.com for further details.

Angela and Clare Brew

Directors, The Brew International Drawing School


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