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The Brew International Drawing School was founded in March 2013 by Clare and Angie Brew, as a platform for teaching and researching drawing and cognitive skills across disciplines.

Please e mail brewdrawing@gmail.com to book a course or workshop.

Coming Up:

Drawing Growth Club

Ongoing: Weekly observational drawing club, Thursdays 1- 3pm, Brockwell Park Greenhouses, Brockwell Park, Brixton, London SW2.

Free drop-in (donations welcome to Greenhouses)

Just turn up and look for the drawers

2019 Summer Residency, Finland 

Puu – Listening to Trees

A 5-day midsummer international residency for anyone interested in exploring the life cycle of trees – how they look, communicate, grow, evolve, die.  The residency will create a book with all residents as co-authors / illustrators. It will be held deep in Finnish countryside by a lake and forest.

e mail brewdrawing@gmail.com for details

Archive of courses and events:

1st- 9th July 2017

Drawing Growth

Stockholm, Sweden

A Drawing Open House  – offering the chance for drawing practitioners, researchers and educators to share practices and draw together.

An international group of educators, researchers, and artists from across the globe will convene in Sweden to collaborate and investigate practices of drawing. During the first three days we will host a workshop specifically geared toward teachers and educators, followed by a six day drawing retreat, open to all, offering a space for open sharing of practice, collaboration, and investigation of new possibilities and methods.

We have several experienced educators and practitioners already confirmed to lead sessions and present research. The event promises to be extremely interesting and productive, giving international experts the chance to share their skills and varied experience from different countries and educational settings. We are particularly excited to have educators attending from nearby Finland, renowned for their world leading high school education.

1-3rd July:

Professional Development Sharing Practices workshop for teachers, educators and students from all disciplines

4-9th July:

Open House Drawing Growth Retreat

The cabin is by the sea, tranquil, with loads of space, land, and its own little private beach and pier, and probably a sauna by July (in construction). It is a magical building, made from three cabins joined together to make a huge open plan space with adjoining bedrooms, ideal for collaborative drawing and evening relaxation.

It is easy to get to, just 1 hr from Stockholm airport. You can hire a car, or get a bus and we will pick you up from the local town.

Teachers are especially invited to attend the first 3 days, 1-3rd July which will be a professional development workshop geared to educators and leaders in the visual arts, with Thinking through Drawing exercises and development of our teaching practices. We will experiment with exercises and approaches to teach traditional drawing skills, both independent and collaborative, and will share, explore and develop new ways to use drawing to communicate, express, think and understand.

All, including non-teachers, are welcome during the whole period, on a day by day basis, to attend group sessions, draw collaboratively and / or alone.  We will host a silent drawing party, a DoBeDo during the week, to continue our exploration of drawing to communicate.

Prices range from £35 to £65 per day, including accommodation (range of prices from camping to large triple bedroom with balcony with sea view) and drawing materials. We will self cater, sharing cooking in the lovely huge kitchen or using the bbq outside. We are also arranging for some meals to be cooked by a guest chef.


For more details and to discuss your accommodation and dietary requirements

please contact: 



11th-18th September 2017


Silent Drawing Retreat

Normandy, France

A 5-day drawing retreat at a watermill in Normandy, to explore how we can communicate through drawing, without words.

Day 1, 11th September Arrivals and settling in. We will prepare the space together and create our own guidelines for the retreat / the ‘do’.

Day 2, 3 & 4, 12th, 13th & 14th September. DoBeDo silent drawing. We will share in the silence of drawing, going deeply into collaborative drawing practices.

Day 5, 15th September. Reflection and discussion about our experience of drawing in silence.

Day 6 & 7, 16th & 17th September. Extension: For those who can stay on for the whole week, we will extend the investigation and practice over the weekend, depending on what has arisen from the silence and how we decide to use these add-on days.

Prices from £195

  • including 5 nights accommodation (range of prices from camping to double bedrooms)  
  • including drawing materials
  • We will self cater and / or share cooking, as we prefer. A French vegan chef will be available for bookings for meals and raw treats. 

Limit of 12 places available.

For more details and to discuss your accommodation and dietary requirements

please contact: 




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OtherWise Drawing workshop,at the MET museum of Art, NYC October 2013.

OtherWise Drawing workshop,at the MET museum of Art, NYC October 2013.

Teachers: Angie Brew, Natasha Freedman, Viyki Turnbull.

Drawing Retreat, Stockholm, Sweden, August 1-15th 2015

We ALL Draw and Southbank Festival of Creativity, November 6-9th 2015

June Drawing Growth course – animating drawings

11, 18, 25th June 2015 at Brockwell Park Greenhouses

june poster drawing growth




OtherWise – Being the Line

Gander and Brew Workshop at the MET NYC 2o13

Chateau Lamostonie, Being the Line, April 2014

3 day drawing workshop in the Dordogne, S of France, 16-18th April 2014. The intensive practical workshop developed drawing practices and skills, drawing as a research and thinking tool, and the fine tuning of perception. It followed from the OtherWise workshop at the MET Museum of Art, NYC 2013.