About Angela Brew


Dr Angela Brew is an artist, drawing teacher and researcher based in London.

She studied for her PhD in drawing and cognition at CCW (Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon) Graduate School, UAL.

She runs the Brew International Drawing School, is co-founder of Thinking through Drawing, and is a member of The Centre for Drawing, UAL.

After studying sculpture and drawing at Edinburgh College of Art she created and ran Skylark Galleries on the Southbank http://www.skylarkgalleries.com/ and worked as an artist and drawing teacher. In 2006 she completed her Drawing Masters with Distinction at Camberwell College of Art, with an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) scholarship, and in 2007 began her doctoral research, in the Drawing and Cognition Project, on the impact of drawing practice on perception (also funded by the AHRC). Her research interest is in cognitive, perceptual and motor processes involved in drawing, particularly temporal aspects of observational drawing and the orchestration of eye and hand. She studied rhythm of eye and hand movements and sensorimotor communication between the eye and hand. Her thesis ‘The Seeing Hand’ argues that the hand and the eye forge a strong connection through practice, with the hand increasingly sharing a perceptual role with the eye, leading to a fine tuning of perception. Her interdisciplinary research methodology combines quantitative eye tracking techniques, video observation and reflective practice.

Her own drawing practice is called Drawing Growth, exploring ways to track, observe and record plants as they grow.  She is artist in residence and teaches a weekly class “Drawing Growth’ at Brockwell Park community greenhouses, focusing on the drawing process and its potential for growth and learning.  

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